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Qui est “Le Corps C” ?

Le collectif Le Corps C est composé de quatre femmes artistes aux talents et expériences complémentaires : Véronique Marco, la fondatrice du groupe, danseuse et chorégraphe, Deborah Chevalier vidéaste et danseuse, Lila Lakehal poétesse et chanteuse et Elise Patte, plasticienne. 

My silence / 2020

In the folds of your body / 2020


the folds of your body

In the folds of your body I looked for your material, I kneaded, smoothed, stretched, kneaded your depths to find our breath.

Bedroom 171/2020

Room 171

  My steps on the carpet, a door a sigh, a look that stuck me.

A dark night in  our objective  White.

From you to me / 2019

From you to me


FM Alexander® Teacher

The art of balance  as a tool for freedom, well-being and development.

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