The teaching of the Alexander technique is done by considering the student in a global way, as a psycho-bodily unit.  The learning of the principles of the technique passes by the practice and not the theory. A new way of being and of Moving is learned when you experience it.

My interventions cannot in any way substitute for medical care  that may be required by your state of health. 

Private and personalized face-to-face lessons
(home travel possible)

Individual lessons last
  from 30 minutes to 60 minutes
During these, I use verbal instructions and a light physical contact to guide you in simple activities of your daily life such as sitting, getting up, bending down etc ...
The practice is
  adapted according to your activities and your specific issues.
Through this process, you will become aware of your use of yourself and discover ways to react and move differently to the best of your ability.
At the end of a cycle of 20 to 30 lessons, this teaching can be put to good use by the pupil, and allow him to apply the technique independently.



ONLINE COURSE  ( you have little time or you cannot get around easily)

Beginners courses

I offer you online postural coaching in order to identify together in your environment the behavioral habits that can handicap you on a daily basis.

Advanced courses

  • This course is intended for people who have already received Alexander Technique courses and who would like to deepen their knowledge.


FM Alexander® Teacher

The art of balance  as a tool for freedom, well-being and development.

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