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Dance teacher, performer and professor of movement anatomy and the Alexander® technique. I teach and am passionate about the organization of the body and the relationships between consciousness, pre-movement, movement and posture ...

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Jean-Philippe Lachaux, neurobiologist, research director at Inserm to try to answer the question: "What is attention for? "
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        Background / Figure: interview with Hubert Godard

Dancer and teacher, lecturer in the dance department of the University of Paris 8 and co-director of the METIS - International Center for Research and Therapy in Milan, Hubert Godard is a specialist in movement analysis.

  Asked in this interview on the founding structures of movement and on the articulation of the background and the figure, where the meaning of the gesture is expressed.

 Eve Berger Psychomotor therapist; Fasciatherapist; Doctor of educational science; Researcher in psychopedagogy of perception, coach.  


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The art of balance  as a tool for freedom, well-being and development.