Dance teacher, performer and Alexander® technique teacher. I teach and am passionate about the organization of the body  and the relationships between consciousness, pre-movement, movement and posture.

Graduated from the Sorbonne in functional anatomy,  I  am a training assistant for future  FM Alexander® technique teachers where I also teach  anatomy.

I transmit the Alexander Technique® to the choir  children  of the Maîtrise de Radio France, as well as to its teaching team. At the philharmonic  from Paris  on the  EVE project , as well as to the supervisory team of the philharmonic and associated schools.

I give private lessons and group workshops to many musicians, conductors, choirs,  conductors, singers and dancers. (the association "A choir joy")

I diversify my teaching fields in early childhood settings  and in the relationship with the child and  parenthood, as well as in healthcare areas ( university hospitals, physiotherapy schools, Parkinson's pathologies and others ... in France and Belgium). I also develop "Sensitive dance" workshops for people wishing to develop a more ecological bodily approach and on the reappropriation of the body, for women who have suffered violence. "Women in movement" (Cie Opéra sur le toit).

President of the APTA (national association of teachers of the Alexander Technique®) until 2017, I still participate in the development and visibility work of the TA, especially in the field of education for the APTA.


FM Alexander® Teacher

The art of balance  as a tool for freedom, well-being and development.